With one leg, the monopod is perfect for shooting in an active situation, like a sporting event. With the monopod, you can take your shot and run down the sidelines. It gives you a lot of the qualities of a tripod, without the extra weight and setup.


The three legs on a tripod make it the sturdiest choice for securing your camera. Different models of tripods have features that will make one a better fit than another for different shooting situations.

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Larger tripods are heavier and stronger and they'll hold a larger camera. For travel or for a lighter camera, you might consider a super light carbon fiber tripod. It is important to find a tripod that can support the weight of your camera and lenses.

Head Action

The standard pan head allows you to adjust the up-and-down angle with one knob and side-to-side with a second knob. This style tripod head usually takes longer to adjust, but is able to support a heavier load more securely.

The ball head allows you to swivel the camera to the correct position and make fine adjustments with just one knob to tighten. Sometimes the ball head tripod does not support heavier cameras as well as the pan head.


Many tripods have tension knobs to tighten or loosen while adjusting the angle of your camera. Some of the newer models have the pistol grip or joystick. While you're adjusting the angle of your camera, you squeeze the trigger, release it and the head locks into place.

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