Looking for a new home for cameras or accessories you no longer use? Milford Photo buys, sells, and trades for used camera equipment.

Buying Used Camera Equipment

You can find some of Milford Photo's used camera equipment on ebay and some on Craigslist.

If you're looking for something specific, contact Milford Photo, or stop by to discuss what you're trying to find.

Selling Used Camera Equipment

Milford Photo buys recent (5 years old or newer), fully functional, clean photography equipment for resale. We're looking for:

  • DSLR cameras, must be fully functional and mostly clean
  • Lenses for DSLR AF camera bodies, must work with current cameras
  • Manufacturer flashes for DSLR cameras

Condition of Gear

  • Moderate use
  • Clean, with few signs of use
  • Very clean / like new

How to Sell Your Gear at Milford Photo

In Person

Give us a call at the store, (203) 882-3415, to coordinate a time to stop by with your gear. We'll have one of our specialists available to inspect your equipment, provide a quote (valid for 10 days) and answer questions about our process and policies.

If we reach an agreement, customers can bring their gear to the store for a final evaluation, and payment by bank check.


Use our online form to send us a description of the equipment you'd like to sell. Accessories, instructions, caps / hoods and extras should be included in the item description. We may call or email if we need more information - please include your phone number in your communication to us.

Milford Photo will respond with a quote (valid for 10 days). Customers can either ship the quoted equipment or bring it to the store. Include a copy of the quote with any shipments or communications about used equipment sales.

A copy of your photo ID is required with all shipped gear.

Ship used equipment to:

Milford Photo
Attn: Used Equipment Sales
22 River Street
Milford, CT 06460

Your equipment will be inspected in the condition and order that it was received.

If gear is shipped to us for final evaluation, and the provided description is accurate, we will mail a check or you may pick it up in person at our store.

If we find that the condition of your equipment is not as you described, we will contact you to modify or rescind our offer and will explain the reason for doing so.

If we do not reach an agreement, we will immediately return your equipment via UPS ground to USA addresses.


All quotes are valid for 10 days

Milford Photo reserves the right to re-evaluate or refuse to purchase upon review of the gear.

Sell Your Used Equipment!

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