Video Transfer Services

All Milford Photo video transfer services are done in-house at 22 River Street, Milford, CT. Don’t risk mailing your irreplaceable memories!

Preserve your memories before they fade

Why fight with an old projector and screen, or an outdated VCR? Transfer your VHS, VHS-C, MINI DV, 8mm cassettes, Beta + 3/4”, European Formatted VHS & VHS-C (PAL) or movie film (8mm, Super 8, and 16mm) and have a screening at your next family get-together!

Videotapes transferred to DVD

Videotapes transferred to DVD

VHS tapes won’t last forever. Even if they are just sitting on a shelf, they are deteriorating. Act now to preserve those priceless memories. You can now watch and share these videos even if your old camcorder or VCR is broken. Transfer your video tapes to DVD, and have a screening at your next family get-together! Milford Photo makes it easy to enjoy your family memories more often.

We'll transfer your VHS, VHS-C, MINI DV, and 8mm cassettes tapes to DVD disc. Up to two hours of video will fit on a single DVD.

Want to watch the DVDs on your television?

Each tape* – to a finalized DVD: $19.99 (5 or more tapes only $14.99 each)

Want to watch the DVDs on your television AND have a file to edit and share on your computer?

Each tape* - a DVD to watch on your DVD Player AND a 2nd disc / flash drive (for 4 or more tapes) with an .mp4 file for editing and sharing on your computer: $24.99 (5 or more tapes only $19.99)

* Limited to one 2-hour tape transferred per disk. Tapes running over incur an additional charge.

Additional copies at time of order: $7.99 each
Orders ready in approximately two weeks.

Want to watch the DVDs on your television?
Why go to DVD?

We can sometimes repair damaged tapes. The tape is opened, the bad portion is cut away, and the tape is spliced back together. The charge for successful tape repair is $20.

Why go to DVD?

VHS tapes lose info and quality over time because they are a magnetic medium.

DVDs don't get tangled in your player or gradually wear out from repeated viewing.

DVDs are also more convenient to store, since they take up less space than bulky videotapes. And you'll never have to remember to rewind again!

VHS players are getting difficult to replace. No one makes new VHS machines. The last one was made in July of 2016.

Keep in mind that video is transferred in its original form, meaning defects and imperfections in the original will be present in the copy. The video is not restored, just transferred.

Movie film transferred to DVD

Now it's easy to watch your memories on any TV. Order extra copies to give family & friends. Milford Photo can transfer 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm movie film.

We use a Buhl Multiplexer with collimating lens and double split field lens.  This is widely recognized as the best method of film transfer. This optical system forms an aerial image that is sharp, bright, and distortion-free. No screen is used. The grain you see is the actual grain on your movie films depending on the ISO that was used when shooting.

Movie film transferred to DVD
Movie film to DVD pricing

Movie film to DVD pricing

20¢ per foot (8mm / Super 8)
3” reel = 50 feet = 3.5 minutes = $10.00 + disc fee*
5” reel = 100 feet = 14 minutes = $20.00 + disc fee*
6” reel = 300 feet = 21 minutes = $60.00 + disc fee*
7” reel = 400 feet = 28 minutes = $80.00 + disc fee*

(50' reels will be spliced together. Your film is returned on new 400'

*$24.99 disc fee for up to a 2 hour DVD player version AND an editable
version on CD or flash drive. Each disk can hold up to 1700 feet of
8mm/Super 8 (Silent or Sound) and 3400 feet of 16mm (Silent or Sound).

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