Flashes & Speedlights

The built-in flash on your DSLR is convenient, but it has some limitations. It only lights to about 10 feet, it leaves your subject with red eye, it takes a long time to recycle, and it strikes the subject directly, leaving unbecoming shadows on faces and in the background. The shoe mount flash resolves these problems, giving you control over the power and direction of your flash.

Shoe Mount Flash

With a shoe mount flash, you can adjust the flash output and alter the direction of light or "bounce" the light off a ceiling or wall. This wraps the light around your subject instead of striking it directly, giving your shot a softer overall feeling and a much more professional look. Add a kicker card and a little light will bounce off the card to fill shadows beneath the nose and chin of your subject.

Not just for indoor or dark setting use, a flash makes outdoor shots more polished and professional. The shoe mount flash is powerful enough to eliminate or "fill" heavy shadows caused by the sun.

The addition of a puffer or diffuser will further soften and spread light, creating flattering portrait shots and a shadowless effect.

Off Camera Flash

With digital photography, photographers are now able to use their flashes in creative ways, without having the flash tied to the camera.

  • Remote Flash Photographers no longer need long cables to use a flash remotely. Using the wireless commander mode settings on the camera, the flash can work off of an infared signal and the camera tells the flash how much power and brightness to use.
  • Radio Trigger System The camera and flash don't even have to be close to one another! With the radio trigger system, your camera and flash can be up to 150 feet apart. With this system, the transmitter sits in the shoe of the camera and the flash sits on top of the receiver.

There are a lot of reasons to consider the extra shoe mount flash and accessories. Stop by Milford Photo with your camera and we'll find the right flash and accessories for your photography needs!

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