At Milford Photo, we're proud of our customers! Whether hobbyists, pros or somewhere in between, our customers are passionate about taking and making great pictures. Click on the profiles below to read more about some of the folks we're so proud of:

Steve Ellis

The objective of Steve Ellis's photography is to achieve what he calls "dramatic realism" – to primarily use natural light to reveal often unseen detail and color patterns – and create atmosphere and texture that are authentic, appealing and, hopefully, somewhat surprising. He shoots a wide range of subjects, from flower close-ups, street photography and portraits to landscapes and travel. Travel has been a motivator and energizer for his photography, and he has been fortunate to visit many fascinating locations – locally, within the U.S. and internationally.

From the start, Steve was inspired by the bold color compositions of Pete Turner (starting with his old Wes Montgomery record covers), Jay Maisel and Eric Meola, as well as the extraordinary creativity and execution of Irving Penn, Joel Meyerowitz, Art Wolfe and Sebastiao Salgado. He started out shooting Kodachrome in the early 70s, switched to digital in 2003 with the Nikon D100 and hasn’t processed a roll of film since.

All of the images on his photo website ( are for sale as notecards, signed fine art prints or can be licensed for stock usage and other applications, such as murals and wallpaper incorporated into residential or commercial interior designs. Steve is also available for location assignments, family and individual portrait sessions, personal critiques and instruction. Please contact Steve ( for more information.

What’s in Steve's bag?

  • Nikon D800 and D800e
  • Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens (for about 50% of what I shoot)
  • Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens
  • Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 lens
  • Nikkor 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 lens (great for street photography)
  • Nikkor 16mm f2.8 fisheye
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens
  • Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens
  • Nikkor 105mm f2.8 macro
  • Gitzo tripod and monopod
  • Really Right Stuff ball heads and L-brackets

After hearing Jay Maisel say "The more gear you bring, the fewer pictures you’ll take," Steve tries to take as little as possible with him. Often, he only carries the 24-70, a tripod, cable release and some filters.

For more information about Steve Ellis Photography in Stratford, CT, visit his website or give him a call at (203) 292-3101.

Vince Ferraro

Every couple of months, Vince makes the 2 hour trip from Putnam Valley, NY to Milford Photo. He first came to our store when he purchased a Nikon 600mm f4 lens from Milford Photo.

His main areas of focus are wildlife, scenic and close-up photography.

Vince spent his working life as a heavy equipment operator, helping to build and resurface many miles of highway in New York. After he retired, he was able to spend more time on his passion: taking pictures.

He is an avid photographer who can spend hours on end just waiting for the perfect shot, normally very early in the morning. He has taken college courses on Photoshop and attended many seminars on different photographic techniques. He has been a serious photographer for over thirty years. He not only creates behind the camera but also does his own printing on his Epson 3800 printer.

Vince has shown his photographs at many galleries and libraries, including the Mahopac Library, Bear Mountain Highland Falls Library, Hendrick Hudson Free Library, and the Ryb Gallery. His work also proudly hangs in Milford Photo owner Jim Wilson’s office.

What's In Vince's Bag?

Vince is prepared for any situation when it comes to equipment. He currently uses both a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D2X. Along with the 600mm, he has 14-24mm, 24-70mm 2.8, 24-120mm, 70-200mm 2.8, 18-200mm, 80-400mm, 105mm and 300mm lenses.

See more of Vince's work on SmugMug.

Photos by Vince Ferraro

Michele Garrick

Michele has always enjoyed expressing herself using various artistic mediums throughout her life. Since recently taking up photography, she enjoys incorporating many of these techniques - such as collage assembly and the use of paint - into her pictures. Michele is most inspired by found objects that have been forgotten or discarded and elements of the natural world. Her focus on macro photography has enabled her to expose the hidden details of this often overlooked world.

Influenced by her love of books and art, she aims to have her photographs convey a narrative of beauty and history. Michele looks forward to learning more about her camera and the aspects of light reflection and composition.

Michele would like to thank the very knowledgable and helpful staff at Milford Photo, who helped her select the perfect camera and lenses.

For more information about Michele's work, email her at

What's In Michele's Bag?

Michele carries a Canon T3i, Canon macro lens EF 100... and her lightbox.

Gillian Marshall

Award-winning photographer Gillian Marshall discovered Milford Photo through a recommendation. She brings both her professional and personal jobs to us. Ray waded through many boxes full of Gillian's late father's slides and negatives, transferring them to DVD; and Dory prints Gillian's professional images for numerous art shows.

Gillian has an innate passion for South Asia. She has travelled extensively in South and Southeast Asia each year for the last fifteen years, enmeshing herself in the culture and folklore of Bhutan, India, Laos, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Tibet.

She has visited Bhutan as a guest of the Royal Family and met Ashi Tashi (sister of Her Majesty The Royal Grandmother) during a visit to this Himalayan kingdom. During a trip to India, Gillian was granted a private audience with His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama, at his home in exile in Dharamsala, India. She recalls this as a unique experience - one she will not soon forget.

Gillian’s enthusiasm for photography springs from childhood, when her late father gave her a little plastic Brownie 127 camera. She now works with digital cameras, two Nikon D7000’s, one equipped with a zoom lens, the other with a wide-angle. “You miss the shot,” she explains, “if you start fumbling to change a lens.” Her approach is nothing more sophisticated than trying to combine all the elements you need to tell a good story. Gillian sticks with the fundamentals of portraiture, lighting, focus, color, contrast—and a natural and spontaneous connection with her subject.

Of her travel photography, Gillian has said, "In my images, I strive to capture the essence of these precious souls whom I meet along the way - each with their unique, distinct culture and customs. If, through my photography, I can bring to my viewers a sense of South Asia, its peoples and its culture, then my dream is fulfilled.”

‍Novice Monk, Laos by Gillian Marshall

Somlid's Story

In October 2012, Gillian served as a volunteer English teacher for ten weeks at the Mekong English Center in Luang Prabang, Laos. Free on weekends, Gillian made occasional excursions, either by road or upriver on the Mekong, photographing the glorious countryside and picturesque village communities. It was on one such excursion that she encountered Somlid, an 11-year old boy who lives in a small village near the lodge where she was staying. When he was four, Somlid contracted spinal TB and for seven long months he suffered terrible back pain and had trouble breathing. He nearly died. The disease left Somlid with a severely deformed spine.

Gillian e-mailed a brilliant orthopaedic surgeon in Connecticut, telling him of Somlid's plight and sending him photos of the child. This surgeon forwarded her documentation to a colleague at Boston Children's Hospital, Massachusetts. From these beginnings, evolved an amazing chain of e-mails from one orthopaedic specialist to another: from California... to Missouri... even to Geneva, Switzerland. In April 2013, Gillian was copied on an e-mail that had been sent to a surgeon in Indiana - who, by a miraculous coincidence, holds free clinics each year in Laos.

Gillian returned to Laos in June 2013 and took Somlid to Dr. Hartman, who was based for a week at a hospital in Vientiane, south of Luang Prabang, in central Laos. On June 26, Somlid underwent a 10 ½ hour surgery. He remained in ICU for two days and was then moved to a private room in the hospital, courtesy of Dr. Hartman – whose God-given surgical talent has given Somlid a second chance at life. Gillian remained with Somlid for the two weeks he was hospitalized, then she, together with Somlid and his father, flew back to Luang Prabang where it was Dr. Hartman’s edict that Somlid stay with Gillian in her hotel for a month in order for his recovery to be in a clean, healthy environment, with a high protein diet – conditions hard to come by in his village. Finally, just a little more than six weeks after his spinal surgery, Somlid returned home. He and Gillian made the two-hour boat trip up the Mekong River and found an excited crowd of villagers, young and old, waiting to greet him – all filled with curiosity and amazed by the difference in his stature. Somlid, standing tall!

Gillian returns to Laos next month (February 2014) to take Somlid for his final check-up with Dr. Hartman. It is amazing how quickly this precious child has recovered from his massive spinal surgery.

Through Gillian's fund-raising efforts, Somlid's family is provided a monthly stipend to help cover the expenses of food, clothing, and schooling for Somlid and his two younger brothers. Gillian hopes that through the compassion of friends and family and even strangers, she will be able to continue helping this impoverished family.

‍Slash and Burn, India by Gillian Marshall

Award-Winning Portfolio

Gillian’s portfolio has won her more than 70 awards and she has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Fairfield County, CT. Her studies appear in private collections in the USA, Europe and India, and she also produces a line of greeting cards and post cards. In addition to commercial photography, she offers herself as a caterer under the name “A Moveable Feast” and for thirteen seasons served as photographer for Rowayton’s annual summer festival, Shakespeare on the Sound.

"Slash and Burn, Nagaland, India"

"Slash and Burn, Nagaland, India", a photograph by Gillian Marshall has been juried into the Greenwich Art Society's 97th Annual Juried All Media Exhibition at the Bendheim Gallery of the Greenwich Arts Center, 299 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT. February 28-March 28, 2014. Opening Reception: Friday, February 28, 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. Juror: Cara Manes, Assistant Curator & Collection Specialist, Department of Painting & Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. ("Slash and Burn" was awarded Best in Show in both the Rowayton Art Center's 2013 Photography & Sculpture Exhibition and the Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 2013 36th Annual All Media Juried Show). 203-629-1533.

For more information about her work, travels and philanthropic missions, visit Gillian Marshall's website on

What's in Gillian's Bag?

Gillian carries two Nikon D7000's; one with a Nikkor AF-S DX 18-300mm lens, the other with a Nikkor AF-S DX 18-135mm lens - which also serves as back-up in the event of any technical hitch during her travels in remote areas of Asia! She never travels without eight 4GB memory cards (generally using them all, she returns from her travels with around 5,000 images!), a Nikon Speedlight, lens cleaning cloth, blower brush and notebook to log her location and information about the shots she's taking. She also travels with her Epson P-3000 Storage Viewer, a supply of batteries and chargers, and overseas power adaptors.

‍Planting Rice, Laos by Gillian Marshall
‍Mother and Daughter, Sri Lanka by Gillian Marshall
‍Tanu's Wedding Day, India by Gillian Marshall
‍Meditation, India by Gillian Marshall
‍Painted Stork, Sri Lanka by Gillian Marshall
‍Sadhu, India by Gillian Marshall
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