If you have a camera, you need a bag to protect it and to make your equipment easy to carry. Having the right bag is important - and you might need more than one bag for different occasions.

Types of Bags & Cases

Snoot Bag

If you only need your DSLR and an extra battery, consider the snoot bag (sometimes called a holster bag). It provides protection, is compact and is easy to carry.

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Sling Bag

To carry your camera and an extra lens or flash, check out the sling bag. It accommodates your basic gear and gives you easy access to your camera.

Over the Shoulder Bag

The traditional over-the-shoulder bag will hold your camera, a couple of extra lenses, and a flash. It's roomy and the top lifts off, so you can easily access your gear. It even has space for your phone.


For an active person, the backpack is the best way to protect your equipment. It's out of the way on your shoulders, with the weight evenly distributed. The backpack is ideal for a hike or trek.

Hard Equipment Case

If you have equipment that really needs to be protected and you're going somewhere rugged, the hard equipment case is for you. You can custom-design the foam insert to fit your gear.

Roller Bag

The serious traveler needs a roller bag to protect and transport their camera equipment. The roller bag completely removes the stress of carrying heavy equipment.

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