October 15-17, 2020 | Virtual Event with Milford Photo

Sell Your Camera Gear!

Sell your camera gear from the comfort of home!

If you’re looking to upgrade your kit, or just make some extra money, Milford Photo is partnering with KEH Camera for a 3-day virtual event, 10/15 - 10/17, to buy your used camera gear and help you upgrade to the latest and greatest.

You MUST schedule a time slot with KEH buyers:

(RSVP-ing to this event does not secure a time slot.)

How to Sell Your Gear:

1. Reserve a time slot for a video chat. KEH buyers will give a quote for your gear.

2. Pack up your gear. KEH will send a packing slip and will arrange for a front door pick-up. Once KEH receives your gear, they will do a hands-on inspection and contact you with the final offer.

3. KEH will either mail a check to you OR KEH will send a check to Milford Photo for the amount of your sale PLUS 10%, which will be issued as a store credit toward the purchase of a new camera or lens. The 10% additional amount must be redeemed between October 24 and November 7, 2020. Use your bonus and take advantage of in-store deals from Milford Photo vendors during this time!

What you’ll need for the video chat:

- A computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet

- A flashlight (the one on your phone will work fine)

- A quiet, well-lit room

- The gear that you want to sell, preferably organized by brand, focal length and loaded with batteries so we can quickly and thoroughly assess the condition

Due to the high cost of repairs, KEH buys only cameras in clean, working condition. They will responsibly recycle any cameras or accessories that are not in good working order.

Reserve your time slot:

Items KEH is not currently purchasing:

- Darkroom equipment

- Digital point-and-shoot cameras under 6-megapixels

- Cameras in these formats: APS, 110, 126, and Disc Film

- Video cameras that use film or tape formats

- Studio lighting that requires a powerpack or hot lights

Questions? Email KEH rep Julia Misa at