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Yes, we develop slides!


Here is an overview of the slide services we offer. Tousled hoodie dreamcatcher artisan umami Carles. Odd Future pour-over kale chips, Neutra fingerstache next level tote bag irony. Pitchfork Blue Bottle freegan wolf, stumptown 3 wolf moon messenger bag jean shorts iPhone pour-over. Chillwave swag PBR, umami Austin Odd Future lo-fi. Twee Kickstarter




35mm 24 exp. and 120mm


35mm 36 exp and 220mm


CD at time of processing

$4.99 Hi Res. $7.99

Duplicate 35mm slides ($5.00 min.)


2 or more duplicates from same orig.

$0.99 ea.

35mm slide from digital file


2 or more slides from same file

$0.99 ea.

4x6 prints from 35mm slides



Service time is 48 hours





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