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Large Scanning Print Orders (shoebox)


Milford Photo will scan your photos onto CD at 300dpi. Your new CD will allow you to easily print new photos and enlargements from your photos. The CD is a great space saver compared to those large boxes of prints. This is also a very easy way of making sure all family members have copies of your trusted memories, a 2nd copy is only $4.99.


Scanning Charges for Bulk Print Orders:


Images Scanned


Additional Prints (each)



$0.25 (101-160)



$0.16 (251-375)



$0.12 (501-833)



$0.10 (1,001+)


  • Photos from wallet to 8 x 10 can be submitted for scanning.
  • Pictures must not be bent, torn or mounted. Photos that do not meet these guidelines will require an extra charge of $1.49 each.
  • All prints are scanned at 300 dpi, this allows for good reproduction and viewing.
  • Orders of more than 1,000 prints will require extra CD's at $5.99 each.
  • Scanning to a DVD instead of a CD is an extra $10.00.
  • Copyrighted photos will not be scanned.
  • Next day service available.


Note: Scanning prices listed on this page are for cost estimating purposes. The cost of a specific job may vary according to custom requirements or added services.



Other Scanning Services


Film to CD (35mm negative or slide):

Full roll scanned to CD (Uncut roll) 1600dpi $4.99



Slides (35mm only):


Images Scanned to CD


First image scanned to CD


2-19 images

add $0.75 ea.

20-99 images

add $0.65 ea.

100-249 images

add $0.55 ea.

250-999 images

add $0.45 ea.

1000+ images

add $0.35 ea.


Negatives (35mm only):



Images Scanned to CD


First image scanned to CD


2-10 images

add $1.39 ea.

11-24 images

add $1.29 ea.

25-49 images

add $1.19 ea.

50-99 images

add $0.89 ea.

100+ images

add $0.79 ea.


Pricing Adjustments


Removing Slides from Non-Kodak Trays

$7.50 per tray

Extra Copy of DVD (800 images/DVD)

$7.99 each

Index Print (40 images/print)

$0.39 each

Removing Slides from Metal Frames

$0.10 each


* 50% Deposit Required


High resolution scanning:



Images Scanned to CD


First image scanned to CD


35mm film (4000 dpi)

add $5.00 ea.

120 film (1400 dpi) or 4x5 (1000 dpi)

add $6.00 ea.



Prints to CD (scanned at 300 dpi):


Images Scanned to CD


First image scanned to CD


2-10 images

add $1.95 ea.

11+ more images

add $1.49 ea.


Maximum print size that can be scanned is 8 x 12

(Additional charge for oversized images)

(See photography brochure for larger image copying)



Digital camera cards to CD

Store your digital images on long lasting Gold CD's.

Save space on your computer. $4.99


(larger cards may require more than one CD, if needed add $2.95 per each extra CD)



Digital camera media card recovery

Our digital department can recover files from your digital camera media card even when you cannot. If cards become corrupted or images seem to disappear, we have extensive image recovery software and great success in retrieving lost and deleted images.


Up to 1GB card - $39.95*

Add $10.00 for each additional GB

(If no images are recovered the fee is $15.00)

* Microdrive recovery - add $35.00 to above fees




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