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At Milford Photo, we don't want to sell you a camera and never hear from you again. We love photography and take pride in our events where we and our customers can create new images, test our limits, try something new...

photo by Jesse Thompson

photo by Jesse Thompson

photo by Jesse Thompson


Join us at one of our photo-centric events, meet other local photo enthusiasts, and bring home fresh portfolio-worthy shots. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Portrait Lighting for Passport Photos

New Renovation! We renovated our passport studio and added a second strobe with softbox, and DSLR camera with portrait lens. The result is a more professional, flattering light for your passport, VISA or permit photo. As always, we tackle Canadian, United Kingdom and other passport sizes... [ more ]


Personalized Camera Coaching at Milford Photo

Expanded Hours & More Camera Coaches - To make our popular 1-2-1 Personalized Instruction more convenient and valuable to you, we've expanded our hours and our pool of expert Camera Coaches. [ more ]


Canon Product Showcase

Milford Photo is now offering a new way to browse Canon products online. Canon develops world class photography tools to take you from the first inkling of creative vision to the printed final product. Whether you are a camera point and shooter or an advanced professional photographer, Canon helps you create the highest quality photos. Browse Milford Photo's comprehensive selection of Canon digital cameras, accessories and more. [ more ]



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