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ProMaster Accessories


For more than 50 years, ProMaster has been filling the needs of photographers. With a wide range of high quality products at a terrific value, ProMaster helps you get the most enjoyment from your camera or camcorder.




To make sure you get the best service and education possible, ProMaster products are only available from knowledgeable photographic specialty dealers. Visit Milford Photo today to see why ProMaster should be your #1 choice in photographic accessories.


More About ProMaster Photographic Accessories


ProMaster XC528 Camera Tripod

Studio Lighting Kits for Better Photos

ProMaster Professional XC series tripods are lightweight, stable, stylish and easy to carry. They are the ideal choice for any photographer where the size of their gear matters.

Lighting kits and accessories can help improve the images of any photographer, from beginner to professional.

Camera Grip Strap, DSLR Hand/Wrist Strap

Go Charger, Portable Battery Charger

The ProMaster Leather Camera Grip Strap attaches to the base plate of your camera and secures your hand to the camera for added comfort and improved handling.

Charge your battery or any USB powered device with the ProMaster Universal GO! Charger. See how much battery charge you have left with a touch of a button.

Power Grip / Battery Grip

ProMaster VL 1144 LED Studio Light

ProMaster Battery Grips provide vertical release controls and extra runtime power to a DSLR, yielding almost twice as many shots.

The ProMaster VL-1144 studio light offers high power, daylight balanced lighting in the studio or on the go.

ProMaster Selfie Stick

ProMaster FG Tripods

The "Selfie Stick" helps add perspective and excitement to photos and video. Take great self-portraits, get above the action with your video, or use it as a microphone boom.

ProMaster Professional FG Series Tripods are perfect for the photographer who is looking for a versatile, full size tripod.

ProMaster Clamper

ProMaster Binoculars

Tripod / Clamp Camera Support - "The Clamper" from ProMaster is the Swiss army knife of tripods. Use it as a table top tripod or clamp it on virtually anything.

ProMaster Infinity Binoculars, Engineered to meet the most demanding optical standards.



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