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Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is a lifelong resident of Milford. He graduated from Milford High School and then attended Southern Connecticut State University. While in high school he got a summer job working at Milford Camera, this part-time job turned into a lifelong career in the photo industry. He worked for 24 years at Milford Camera eventually becoming general manger. In 1995 he started Milford Photo in downtown Milford and moved the store to the present location in 2000 ... [ more ]

Jess Thompson

It started as a way to get in out of the cold. As a teenager store manager Jess Thompson was looking for a cushy inside job that got him off his bike delivering papers. He applied at a downtown camera store and has been in Milford Center selling cameras since 1979. On the side he photographed weddings and ... [more ]

Peter Bogucki

Peter Bogucki (BO-GOOT-SKI) has been with us for almost all of our 20 years in business. Over the years he"s been our vaunted 6th man: coming off the bench, or couch, for the holiday and vacation seasons. Lately though he's been working steadily in our shipping department when he's not out front on any service counter. An avid sailboarder and man of all around waterborne action, Pete's GoPro vids are cool and his Canon 7D stills are on display in area businesses.

Chris Brown

Chris is the cheerful voice you will hear most of the time when calling the store. She has over the years become an indispensible part of the store. As office manager she is in charge of many different things that are required in a small business, she wears many hats. These include ... [ more ]

Donna Clement

Donna is "Miss Do Everything" at Milford Photo. She works primarily on the customer service counter helping people picking up their finished orders, camera repairs and other imaging jobs. She can also be found picking out the perfect frame and mats in our custom frame department or working with first time visitors to the digital print center room showing them all the exciting ... [ more ]

Chrys Coby

Being a full service photo specialty store requires not only selling products but also being there after the sale. In the event your equipment needs servicing, Chrys will take care of it for you. Chrys has worked in photo retail for many years helping customers with their servicing needs. This long time Milford resident also manages to have a second career in restaurant management that keeps her very busy. She also handles Internet sales which include consignment sales of customers photographic equipment ... [ more ]

Chris Fountas

Chris came to Milford Photo after many years in consumer electronic sales, primarily in photo retail but also in music, his other passion. He graduated from Fairfield Prep and also received his degree in Marketing from Fairfield University. Today he resides in Shelton with his wife Deborah. Chris is “Mr Olympus” at Milford Photo, his favorite cameras are the new revolutionary Pen series cameras. Chris has received awards from Olympus for ... [ more ]

Margaret Gallagher

Margaret Gallagher is the latest in a long line of young adults that have served in the trenches at Milford Photo. She's smart as a whip and cool as a 'cuke. Margie will be leaving us in the fall for any number of big time schools to study graphic arts. But she'll be back over the holidays and work summer for the foreseeable future unless one of her younger sisters takes her job.

Merdardo "Goyo" Moranchel

Lo que es un buen tipo! Merdardo Moranchel, "Goyo" to his friends - which apparently includes everyone, started his US advernture as a professional soccer player. A jack of all important trades he works primarily in our processing kiosk area and minilab. He possesses the patience of a saint and works like a demon at his job. Hablamos Espanol con Goyo aqui.

Dory Neilson

Dory started making pictures when they were done in a darkroom with smelly chemicals! Today, digital requires a different set of skills to produce pictures. Dory has used her vast photographic knowledge and has learned the new skills required to operate the latest lab production equipment. Her expertise was gained upon her graduation from the Rhode Island School of Photography. She immediately started working for photo developing labs applying her newly learned trade. She is a big reason why Milford Photo is recognized as the area’s leading photo processing lab ... [ more ]

Anthony Onofrio

Preserving memories is what Anthony is all about. Anthony manages Milford Photo's video production department which specializes in the transferring of many different video formats to DVD. These include 8mm and 16mm movie film, 8mm video, VHS, VHS-C, Sony Beta, ¾" tape, mini DV and DVC video. Movies have played a big role in his professional career. After graduating from Southern Connecticut University with a Business degree in ... [ more ]

Dean Shields

Dean runs the Custom Frame Shop at Milford Photo. We can't even begin to tell you all the things Dean has framed! He is asked to do the impossible, and always gets the job done! Anyone can easily frame a photo, but how about framing a Mike Tyson boxing glove? Dean's done that. Do you have medals, flags, football jerseys, or artwork? He's done all of that too. Of course don't forget those pictures from a special occasion or event! Everything ends up as a special keepsake when Dean does the job. His true talent is picking out the right ... [ more ]

Ray Yanagisawa

Ray is our D3 specialist. He started shooting with a Vivitar 110 film camera when he was 10 years old. His compulsion with photography continued through high school, shooting for and later editing the yearbook. College brought new interests and a brief flirtation with an English degree, but true love cannot be denied, and he wound up transferring to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California ... [ more ]

Fred Bonilla

2017 marks Fred’s 38th year as a photographer & a member of the photo retail industry. He started right out of college as manager of a small photofinishing store in Jackson Heights, Queens (NYC) & has been part of the staffs of such stores as Westside Camera, Lens & Repro and K&M Tribeca in New York ... [ more ]


Erik Najera

With over 20 years of photo lab experience, Erik is an expert on all of our photo lab's complex machinery. Whether you need a poster made or a book printed, hundreds of photos scanned to a CD or a custom greeting card, he does it all with a keen eye and a pleasant smile. Erik is also a professional wedding and event photographer and is proud to be part of the Milford Photo team since September 2016.



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