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At Milford Photo, we're proud of our customers! Whether hobbyists, pros or somewhere in between, our customers are passionate about taking and making great pictures. Click on the profiles below to read more about some of the folks we're so proud of:


Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis strives to achieve what he calls "dramatic realism" – to primarily use natural light to reveal often unseen detail and color patterns – and create atmosphere and texture that are authentic, appealing and, hopefully, somewhat surprising. He shoots a wide range of subjects, from flower close-ups, street photography and portraits to landscapes and travel in many fascinating locations – locally, within the U.S. and internationally. [ more ]

Vince Ferraro

Every couple of months, Vince Ferraro makes the 2 hour trip from Putnam Valley, NY to Milford Photo. Vince is an avid photographer who can spend hours on end just waiting for the perfect shot, normally very early in the morning. He has taken college courses on Photoshop and attended many seminars on different photographic techniques. He has been a serious photographer for over thirty years. [ more ]

Michele Garrick

Michele Garrick has always enjoyed expressing herself using various artistic mediums throughout her life. Since recently taking up photography, she enjoys incorporating many of these techniques - such as collage assembly and the use of paint - into her pictures. Michele is most inspired by found objects that have been forgotten or discarded and elements of the natural world. [ more ]

Gillian Marshall

Gillian Marshall’s enthusiasm for photography springs from childhood, when her late father gave her a little plastic Brownie 127 camera. She now works with digital cameras, two Nikon D7000’s, one equipped with a zoom lens, the other with a wide-angle. “You miss the shot,” she explains, “if you start fumbling to change a lens.” Her approach is nothing more sophisticated than trying to combine all the elements you need to tell a good story. [ more ]



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